Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Is the Best!

Here we all are together!  It takes lots of time and cooperation to get a family picture...especially when there are 26 people!  We did pretty well...considering...there were four little girls who are a little persnickety....okay, let's restate that....three little girls who are a little persnickety (Noelle isn't old enough for that yet!).  This picture was taken at the end, so the endurance level had waned somewhat, but overall, I liked the picture.  In the years to come, we will look at this and laugh at those two little girls who would only cry during this picture.  We do have a really great family.
These are our children and their mates.  Beginning from left to right - Noah & Giselle Rasheta; Allen & Patrice McNeil; Chelsea McNeil Johnson; Earl & Billie Sue; Rob; Billie Jo & Tim Butikoer; and Olivia & Rick Gunnerson. 
The extremely handsome grandsons - from left to right...Rajko Rasheta; Evan McNeil; Noah Gunnerson; Luke Gunnerson; Jack Johnson; and Elijah Gunnerson! 
The extremely beautiful girls ...from left to right back row...Mia Butikofer; Tess Butikofer, (kneeling) Ellie Butikofer; Front row from left to right...Evie Butikofer; Emmie McNeil; Liv Gunnerson and (being held) Noelle Rasheta!
The Butikofer Family - I just call them the Beauti-kofer's!  They are!
The Gunnerson Family - Some of the most handsome gentlemen you will find and two beautiful girls!
The McNeil Family....such a good looking family!
The Johnson Family...Jack loves his Mom (and the Aggies, as you can see from his facial tattoos.  One cannot attend an Aggie football game and NOT get tattooed!). 
The Rasheta Family...yet another beautiful little family!
Whew!  Look what we started!  Love them all!


Polly said...

you are so lucky to have those family pictures. i've tried for about five years to get all our family together for one. so far, we can't get schedules straight so everyone is here at the same time. love each picture. they are beautiful

Polly said...

i saw your comment on my witches post. i'll call you next time i need a partner!

Billie Jo said...

Love the pictures, love fall, love you and dad. LOVE EVIE IN THE PICS!!!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Oh Livvy, what a little stinker she was being all evening! I think they turned out great, especially the one of you and dad looking lovingly at each other. So beautiful.