Thursday, September 27, 2012

Woodland Chokecherry Festival 2012 

 Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch!  The field looks innocent, peaceful and serene...
The scarecrows are beckoning to us to see what is there....
The horse and wagon are there for us, just as they were back in late 1800's....
There are plenty of wonderful items to be found at the Boutique - the Fudge Fairy is there; Sister's Stitches; NuJourney Music; DeLoy & and Trudy with roasted Hatch chiles; Jackie Purser with her lovely lotions, soaps and such; scrapbook supplies; children's clothing and jewelry; Billie Sue with the addicting chokecherry jellies and syrups--and don't forget, "Charity's Chokecherries" and the new book, "Charity's Winter."
The fun of the train ride never ends...nor does the bouncee house and face painting.
With Earl taking us to the pumpkin patch, who knows what adventure we will encounter!  Better ride the wagon so the pumpkins found in the patch can be brought back.
The petting zoo pets are eager and anxious to be admired...
With their feathers standing up and looking perky, they are ready to greet the public.
Any food connoisseur would be in heaven at the Chokecherry Festival, with smoked ribs, smoked pulled pork, smoked turkey, baked beans, garlic/rosemary roasted potatoes, creamed zucchini, corn meal muffins and sparkling cold, clear Woodland water!
Meet Sam and Ellen Gines as children, played by Luke Gunnerson & and Tess Butikofer.  They grew up together in the Rhodes Valley Fort.  As they grew older, Sam noticed Ellen was no longer a little girl!
Rick Gunnerson, Rod Maxfield, Jace Cannon & and Seth Leery sing "The Last Farewell" honoring Joseph Smith.  Henry Moon was a close friend of the prophet's before coming to Woodland.
The cast waits anxiously for their turn in front of the audience.
Meet Peter and Annie Duncan and Peter's sister, Catherine, who married John Thomas Moon -- Henry and Lydia Moon's son.  When Peter arrived in Omaha prior to crossing the plains, he met little Mary Ann Thayne--who was 12 years old. 
Mary Ann Thayne - played by JoDe Miles, was Henry Moon's 3rd wife.  She lived in Woodland and raised a large family.  She was the daughter of John Johnson and Sidney Thayne, who came to Woodland to set up a sawmill.  Thayne's Canyon in Park City is named after John Johnson Thayne.
Henry & and Lydia (Henry's first wife) Moon are portrayed by Rod and Gayla Maxfield.
Sam and Ellen (Russell) Gines married and moved to the Woodland Bench after growing up together.
Meet the Bisel's -- Henry and Fanny Jane, played by DeLoy and Trudy Bisel.  Henry and Fanny Jane came to Utah along with the Lefler's (Fanny Jane's family).  Fanny Jane's mother was a sister to John Johnson ThayneWhen the Bisel's moved to Utah, they lived in the same area as Henry Moon and John Lefler. 
Uncle Tom came all the way from Idaho to go on the trail ride that Julie Woodard and JoDe Miles head up.  Bridge Hollow was a beautiful ride and I guess Uncle Tom entertained them by singing, "Frankie and Johnny." 
Luke and Tess sang, "Somewhere There's a Mountain," representing those children from long ago who walked everywhere...across the plains, from Salt Lake to the mountains, to school, herding cattle, trading yeast cakes and living and loving.
There were  always fun times at the community dances.  It seemed everyone played some kind of musical instrument and they all came together to sing and dance and play and socialize.  People in a community cared for and helped each other.  They celebrated and mourned together.  They were a family.
And so, as we bid farewell to this year's Chokecherry Festival, mark your calendar for next year and come and be part of the fall celebration as you make memories we can talk about in the future!
Woodland Chokecherry Festival 2012


Billie Jo said...

I am exhausted just reading the recap again. So much fun and the weather was just perfect. Looks like you better triple your quota on the chokecherries. SERIOUSLY! Fabulous job-you always pull it off!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Not only did you pull off an amazing event, but you lived to blog about it. Now that is what I call a good time!