Sunday, September 9, 2012


   I remember being about three years old, walking between my Mom and Dad and each of them holding my hand.  We were walking through the alfalfa up on Bench Creek and I can visualize it now.  My Dad said, "This hay is as tall as she is!"   This was an "ah" moment for a little child.  I felt happy, safe and content.
    I can also remember playing on the old hay elevator with Georgia and climbing to the top and looking down the Valley and having a little "ah"moment.  I felt happy, safe and content.
   I have had many experiences when I looked around at the great expanse of what Heavenly Father has created and I had an "ah" moment of happy, safe and content.   
   I could go on and on about "ah" moments in my life when I experienced a manifestation of His Spirit whispering to my soul and giving assurances
   Today was one of those "ah" times.  It was our Stake Conference and the Stake Choir was singing.  We had gone early to practice our songs.  The closing song was, "O Holy Jesus," which is an absolutely inspiring song about our love and commitment to our Savior.  There is a two-page section of "follow" and "amen" that is really much more of a musical movement than words.  The counting is difficult, as each part has different timing.  We were working so diligently to cement the proper counting for each part of the movement and it occurred to me that the feeling we produced should be that same feeling I had experienced so many times in my's difficult to explain...but just a feeling of pure joy when the Spirit whispers to your soul that it is all true.  I expressed to the choir that we were making it too difficult and mechanical and that we should just close our eyes and envision the most beautiful, peaceful place we had ever been and then sing with the joy we had known.
   Each speaker in conference was wonderful.  Our special song, "As the Bridegroom to His Chosen," was beautiful.  The rest hymn was energetic and moving.  The Stake President's talk was excellent.  The closing song was an "ah" moment in my life.  I felt happy, safe and content that I know my Savior lives and loves me, I know who I am and what I am doing here, I know I am blessed beyond measure, I know Joseph Smith had one of those "ah" moments when he knelt in the Sacred Grove, and I know my Heavenly Father loves me.
   "Ah," what a wonderful day!



The Gunnerson Family said...

Love those moments. Thanks for all your work in making things beautiful!

Chelsea Johnson said...

I have been thinking about those moments so much lately. It seems I remember a conference talk or statement referencing this exact thing, and I think of it almost everyday as I'm driving into the valley....something about when you feel those "ah ha" moments, even just in your everyday life over ordinary things, such as the beautiful place which we live, that is the Spirit manifesting to you of the truthfulness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
I'm SO glad conference went well! Thanks for being an inspiration to me.